Beer Pong Table Rental

Beer Pong Table Rental


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Beer Pong has grown into one of the best backyard games in Austin, TX. Cups are placed in a pyramid on each end of the beer pong table. The first player attempts to toss or bounce a ping pong ball into the cups. Each cup is filled 1/3 of the way with a beverage of your choice. When a player makes a shot into a cup of the opposing team, a member of the opposing team drinks the contents of the cup and removes it from the table. After both players on a team have taken their turns then it's the next teams turn to take their shots. If both players from a team make the ball then they have the oppurtunity to ask for the balls back. The game continues in this fashion until all of a teams cups have been eliminated. Comes with 6 pong balls.  *cups not included*

Please note that we only allow the beer pong table rental with an inflatable bounce house, water slide or slip and slide rental.  Call the number to the top right of the page for pickup options if you're not going to rent an inflatable.

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